Anne Wright Osteopath

Ruislip Osteopaths are now based at Wood Lane Medical Centre, a large GP surgery next to Waitrose in Ruislip, a few minutes walk from Ruislip High Street and tube station. While we share the facilities of the GP surgery and the benefits of good communication with all the local GP’s, we operate as a private practice, independent of the doctors and welcome patients from all areas.

Appointments are made directly with the osteopaths and therefore we are able to offer limited advice prior to coming for your appointment. Please phone 01895 677179 to arrange an appointment. We are open Monday - Friday 9am - 7pm. Consultancy fees £45 Adults | £40 Children

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a system of diagnosis and treatment of the body framework, using manual techniques to encourage the structures of the musculoskeletal system to function correctly.

Diagnosis is made by taking a full medical history, screening tests, examination of movement & muscle tone of the whole body.

Treatment includes manual manipulation of the muscles and joints using a variety of soft tissue massage and joint mobilisation techniques. Cranial osteopathy is also used as a very gentle technique, working with the involuntary movements of the structures within the head and spinal column and is particularly useful in treating conditions within the head, acute problems and babies and children.

Treatments are individually tailored to the patient and are appropriate for their health and specific injury.


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